We deliver the various types of surround pre-mixes and final mixes your project needs.

For video games, that includes both the Cinematics moments pre and final mixes and the complete in-Game mixing for your specific plateforms. Having a senior Sound Designer-Mixer establishing, achieving and supervising those two aspects of game sound, in a friendly, sustained and collaborative manner with your team, will ensure the best possible audio for your games.

The same applies to Interactive and multimedia performances and installations, for clients who transform our public spaces, events and happenings.

We help you find the best audio pipeline, and take care of the final multichannel and surround mix on-site. 



















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We are here to accompany you from preproduction untill final delivery. We have built a solid reputation for creating astounding immersive experiences by paying close attention to the important details!

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Stéphane Larivière

Director • Sound Designer • Mixer