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Stéphane Larivière                                                                                        

Founder, Audio director, Sound designer, Mixer, VR and AR audio development 

* Sound recording, sound design, editing and mixing for a wide variety of production types and formats.

* Field and studio recording. Original and innovative concepts. Audio design for interactivity . Audio pipeline optimization  

* Leadership. Project management. Quality control. Coaching.


Ubisoft Montréal                                                                                                          2010-2013       

Audio Artist_Senior sound designer and supervisor

  •      Sound design for Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Assassin's Creed 3 et Far Cry 3.
  •      Sound design and mixing for multiple formats, integration, in-game mixing with Wwise.
  •      Studio recording for voice, foley and sfx.
  •      Exterior, multitrack field recordings, stereo and surround formats for sfx and ambiances.

* Sound design and mixing of sfx for in-game needs. Mono, stereo, quad and surround 5.1 asset mastering.

* Supervision of foley recording sessions, sfx editing and mixing from internal and external services.

* Management of the complete production pipeline scripted elements and cinematics for FarCry3 : a tight collaboration with the narrative and animation teams.

* Special multitrack sound effects recording from musical instruments like the didjeridoo and modern flute techniques.


Banff Center for the Arts - Audio Engineering – Associateship                                            2008

Freelance music recording and producing                                                                    2008-2010

  •       Live and studio music recording.
  •       Stereo and surround mixing for classical, jazz, and contemporary music.
  •       Recording and producing indy projects including concert video shooting.

* Assistant to Martin Léveillé for the recording of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra for Warner Music / Acacia Classics:  Michael Daugherty’s Fire and Blood. Alexandre DaCosta, violin.

* Producing a DVD-A for Stravinsky’s Soldier’s Tale.

* Choir music concert DVD production : BACH_BWV245 St-John’s passion for Church St-John The Evangelist. Garth MacPhee, musical director.


UQAM – University of Quebec in Montreal – Medias School                                         2001-2008      

Audio coordinator and teacher assistant

  •       Assisting audio professors and instructors for workshops and production. Coaching and supporting students in film, tv, radio (journalism) and multimedia studies.
  •       Managing equipment resources and location logistics for audio courses involving about 250 students per semester.
  •       Teaching and coaching at individual level, small and larger groups.
  • Managing the achievement of one 6.1 surround control room and studio with a budget of about 120 000$ for the Interactive Medias program;
  • Managing the achievement of one 5.1 surround editing/mixing room with a budget of about 100 000$ for the film program;
  • Managing the achievement of nine identical small audio editing room (ProTools LE- MBOX) and the appropriate classroom;
  • Managing the achievement of the audio aspects of an AV lab furnished with 17 identical workstation for audio and video teaching and producing;
  • Managing the purchasing and logistics for a new stock of 45 portable recording kits. A budget of about 150 000$.


UQAM – Université du Québec à Montréal – Media school                                           2005-2008

Instructor for EDM4122 et EDM4151 : Postproduction sonore des films de fin d’étude

  •       Created two sound postproduction courses for the new cinema program - 2006
  •       Lectures and workshops on all aspects of sound for films.
  •       Supervision and final mix for more than sixty films and professors’ projects.
  •       Documentaries and drama productions.
  •       Implementation of D.E.S.S. in Film Music (Diplôme d'études supérieures spécialisées – a one year master degree)


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